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TV Applications

Australians are doing it, and you may be able to do it in the USA soon. MasterCard and Australian telecommunications giant Optus created an ad campaign using a two-way TV platform that enabled viewers to click on a MasterCard TV commercial to enter a sweepstakes. The development may enable credit card issuers to link up account applications to their TV spots. The Australian direct response advertising campaign with MasterCard International offered viewers an escape to a dream vacation. MasterCard cardholders who registered their MasterCard purchases got the opportunity to win a week on Daydream Island with nine friends plus weekly chances to win weekend getaways to a tropical location. Through synchronized broadcasting technology, viewers who clicked on a button during a MasterCard commercial were taken directly to a MasterCard web site to register for the promotion. Optus has also partnered with Columbia TriStar, games developer Two Way TV, and design studio TVMates to offer a range of new services to participants in their ‘iTV’ trials in Sydney.

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