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On Target

Target’s new smart VISA card has gone from zip to 2.5 million cardholders in less than five months, becoming the third largest issuer of smart credit cards in the USA, just behind American Express and Providian. Since the launch of the VISA program in September, Target has generated $1.5 billion in VISA card loans, and they expect to top $4.5 billion by the end of this year. The new VISA issuer is on the verge of becoming one of the nation’s “Top 25” issuers of bank credit cards, and could break into the “Top 15” by the end of this year, according to CardData ( The card includes the Target Rewards program, offering one point for every dollar spent at a Target store or Purchases made elsewhere with the card will earn one point for every two dollars spent. Cardholders accumulating 1,000 points will receive a Target Rewards certificate good for 10% savings on one entire Target VISA purchase at any Target store. There is a limit of one 10% savings certificate per billing period, but excess points carry over to the next billing period. The Target smart VISA carries interest rates of 9.9%, 12.9%, 15.9% or 18.9%, depending on credit qualification. Applicants who did not qualify will, in most cases, be issued the Target Guest Card, the retailer’s store card. The new VISA card is issued by Retailers National Bank, an affiliate of Target. For more information visit:

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