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Discover 2GO

Discover Card’s history of innovation carries forward this week with the launch of a revolutionary new credit card that brings the credit card out of the wallet and onto a key chain. The Discover 2GO Card is shaped differently and smaller than a traditional credit card but has a mag stripe containing the same account information as the cardholder’s existing Discover Card. The unique and patent-pending design is housed in a protective case that attaches to a key chain, belt, or money clip. Users simply rotate the card out of its case and swipe. After a year long pilot, the Discover 2GO Card is now launching in select Midwest markets, with national availability this summer. The card may also offer Discover the option of upgrading to a contact and/or contactless chip, giving it a potentially huge competitive advantage as the overall U.S. market migrates to a smart card infrastructure and wireless transactions. To-date, clear or translucent smart cards, have not rung consumer’s “bell” in the USA, other than to provide some limited design appeal or “sex appeal.” A card with a different shape and a chip may best communicate to consumers the technological advantages of a smart card. For more information on the Discover 2GO Card, visit or call 1-800-DISCOVER.

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