Consumer Payment Card News


With more than ten million smart credit cards now issued in the USA by VISA and American Express, MasterCard has decided to make a bigger push to advance the domestic smart card migration. This week MasterCard launched the OneSMART MasterCard program, which consolidates all of MasterCard’s global smart card solutions, technical expertise, and marketing support under a new banner. There are currently more than 100 million MasterCard-, Maestro-, Mondex-, and Clip-branded smart cards around the world. In the US, only Citibank is issuing a smart MasterCard. But the new program reaches out to all of MasterCard’s issuers by offering them a broad menu of smart card applications, including: chip-based credit and debit, personal data storage, digital ID and security, loyalty, e-ticketing, e-couponing, and stored value. Individual issuers can determine which applications or services they wish to bundle with their card programs. MasterCard is also providing its members with an umbrella marketing and communications platform that raises awareness of smart cards broadly. MasterCard has trademarked the term OneSMART, and is making available six optional card design families to its issuers, but there is no mandate for members to select one of these. Members also have the option of placing the OneSMART word mark on their own card designs, using the flexible branding guidelines MasterCard has developed. MasterCard has also assembled a reference list for members of some 50 vendors involved in smart card programs. For more information visit

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