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Card Looks

Americans associate the “color” of credit card with its “value” and they like to select a “design” for their cards. However, more than 60% of consumers say they do not want a “personalized” card that might include their picture or a picture of their pet or car. According to a homepage poll, 55% of consumers say the “color” of the payment card is linked to their perception of the “value” of the card. About 53% say the option to choose a design such as sports, animals, flowers, etc. is desirable. Given the choice between a smart credit card and a mag stripe card, nearly 49% say they would opt for the smart card, while 39% indicate it does not matter. The card brand appears to be the most significant factor in selecting a payment card. Almost 62% say they shop for a payment card by brand. More than 53% say the name of the bank has an influence on which credit card they apply for. Consumers will now have more card options as the “shape” of credit cards change. Last month, Discover Card launched the Discover 2GO Card which features a unique curved shape. It is also smaller than a traditional credit card but has a mag stripe containing the same account information as the cardholder’s existing Discover Card.

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