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Flag Cards

Nine months after 9/11 and the week of Flag Day 2002, card issuers are still tapping into the nation’s patriotic fervor, wrapping their credit cards in the American flag. This month, Providian launched a series of cards featuring symbols of America, including its U.S. Flag VISA Platinum card. In solicitations hitting mailboxes this week, Providian is offering its Platinum flag card with a 0% APR on purchases through January and a credit line up to $3,000. Other designs in the symbols of America series include an eagle card, liberty card, and the Mount Rushmore card. In 1999, Discover was the first issuer to launch a card carrying the American flag graphic. One year ago, Discover aggressively marketed the card and increased its efforts following 9/11. 5Star Bank, formerly known as AFBA Bank, launched two “United We Stand” bank credit cards last October. 10/15/01)

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