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Next week’s postal rate increase, coupled with razor sharp late fee policies, provides more reasons to switch from expensive snail mail to online bill payment. Furthermore, most online bill payment systems offer you the advantage of holding on to your hard earned dollars longer, since you can generally pay the bills at the last minute. Count in the time of writing a check, licking stamps, and finding a mailbox, plus the worry of whether or not it will arrive on time, and you’ll discover that snail mail bill paying is not smart. Ponder over these things next week when you take out some valuable time to stand in a long line to purchase 3 cent stamps. Major credit card issuers offer the option of paying your credit card account online and most will post the payment with 48 hours. Some card issuers now have a noon or 2PM cutoff on the due date. A recent survey by the Yankee Group found that among consumers showing interest in using EBPP services, 15% paid their bills online to save money on stamps. The research also found that people using online billing said their primary reasons were: convenience of eliminating writing checks every month (22%); to save time (19%); and, view bills online and keep a record of their bill (18%). Yankee says 8.9 million households pay bills online and it expects this number to nearly double by 2004. Yankee says it also found that a broadband-enabled household is almost two times more likely to pay bills online than a dial-up household. To learn more abut paying bills send an e-mail to [email protected] or call 800/256-0856 and ask for a new free brochure about viewing and paying bills online.

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