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Clear Card

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While payroll debit cards for unbanked consumers have surfaced this year, a new payroll card has emerged that offers a credit line based on your annual salary. The “Clear” MasterCard also enables employees to make purchases and have the payments drawn directly from future paychecks over the next two months, interest-free. The unique and patented product is the brainchild of Pennsylvania-based E-Duction. The program establishes a credit line equal to 2.5% of the employee’s annual salary and charges an annual fee of $29 to each participating employee. For example, a typical employee earning $40,000 receives a line of credit of $1,000. If the employee then goes to a merchant and buys a $400 lawn mower, $100 is deducted from their bi-weekly payroll for the next four pay periods. Each month, employees receive a statement that explains their charges and deductions or they can access the information online. E-Duction says the program saves employees time and money since there are no interest charges, late fees, or penalties. E-Duction partners include Capital One, First Data, and MasterCard. For more information visit

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