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Bet the Bank

Hundreds of kids have come together in Indiana this week to “Bet the Bank.” FleetBoston launched a game that teaches basic money management skills including establishing credit, protecting credit, and managing charge card debt. The “Bet the Bank – The Mastering Money Management Game” uses a game show format with the teacher or instructor as the host. Players are divided into two to four groups. Each of these groups elects a “Chief Financial Officer” to lead their team. The CFO assigns different players to each of four different rounds to compete against the other teams’ players as each tries to be the first to correctly answer a series of questions based on topics covered by the game show host prior to the start of each of the four question-and-answer rounds. The game ends with a “Bet the Bank Bonus” round in which the teams are given a final category and asked to decide the amount of their team’s “earnings” that they are willing to “invest” in coming up with the right answer. The team with the greatest earnings at the end of the game is the winner. “Bet the Bank” comes with slides divided into humorous categories such as “Staying Down with Your Dollars” and “Plastic Money,” “It Ain’t Funny,” and includes detailed instructions and a script outline for the instructor. Fleet staff, many of whom were directly involved in developing the game, personally conducted the initial public airings of the game. The first camp was held July 6-7 at the University of Indiana. The second will be held July 13-16, at Purdue University in Indianapolis. More than 500 kids are expected to attend. Contact 1-800-235-3385 for more information.

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