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School Cools

The economic slowdown might be impacting back-to-school shopping this year, but the Osbournes will be hot. A new survey, released this week, shows parents will spend an average of $97 on school supplies this year, down from $118 last year. The ICR/International Communications Research survey, sponsored by Capital One, found that teens plan to contribute an additional $45 to the overall budget, but 44% of parents still feel pressure to spend in excess of the family’s back-to-school supplies budget. Seventy-seven percent of teens say they just buy the basic things they need for school, and 16% of teens surveyed want to be trendsetters, having all the newest, coolest items. Top school supplies for 2002-03 include frosted 3-ring binders (67%), gel roller pens (24%), “The Osbournes” backpacks (24%), neon “Dr. Grip” pens (18%), jelly pens (16%) and sparkle pencils (14%).

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