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Cash Rebates

Cash rebate cards have returned and with bigger rewards than ever. American Express has upgraded it “Cash Rebate Card” to now offer a cash rebate of up to 5%. The annual cash reward for purchases is up to 3% and there is an additional rebate of up to 2% for purchases in months in which the account carries a balance. An account is eligible for a rebate applied to a maximum of $50,000 of annual spending. Additional AmEx card benefits include: Purchase Protection Plan, Buyer’s Assurance, and the ability to check and pay bills online. The APR for purchases for the first six months of cardmembership will be a fixed rate of 0% as long as the account is not in default. The APR for Purchases is 9.74%, 11.74%, or 14.74% as of 6/30/02. The APR for Cash Advances is 17.74% as of 6/30/02. The APRs may vary and are determined monthly by adding 4.99%, 6.99% or 9.99% to the Prime Rate (Prime) for Purchases and 12.99% to the Prime Rate for Cash Advances. For more information

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