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Credit cards and taxis are coming together like peas and carrots. Two companies teamed up this month to introduce a new high-tech taximeter gizmo that offers real-time authorization of credit cards within three seconds. Centrodyne and U.S. Wireless Data unveiled the new Centrodyne “CardMeter” which features a traditional Centrodyne “Silent 620” taximeter fitted with U.S. Wireless Data’s “Synapse Enabler,” which comprises special hardware and software to enable real-time credit card authorization. The Centrodyne CardMeter taximeters are available for all U.S. metropolitan areas and are currently in use in Dallas, Texas. U.S. Wireless Data is an established source of wireless transaction processing for the U.S. taximeter market. USWD now handles more than 600 million transactions each year through its centralized computer center and nationwide network. Centrodyne is North America’s leading supplier of taximeters. For more information: or

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