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Subaru MasterCard

Subaru of America is shifting into all-wheel drive with the re-launch of its MasterCard program through Chase Manhattan Bank. The new “Subaru Platinum MasterCard from Chase” offers cardholders the opportunity to earn “SubaruBucks” on 3% of all net purchases, up to $500 per year. Once 100 “SubaruBucks” are earned, cardholders receive a coupon that can be redeemed at any authorized Subaru U.S. dealership for merchandise, parts, service, or the sale or lease of a new car. The coupons are valid for up to four years and can be combined to increase the amount a customer can redeem at one time. The new card carries no annual fee and a prime +7.99 interest rate (currently 12.74%). Subaru of America has a network of nearly 600 dealers across the USA. MBNA America first launched the Subaru credit card in early 1991, then dropped it in 1994, resurrecting the program in 1997. For more information call 1-877-692-9362.

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