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SuperScrip Card

Fundraising for non-profit organizations has been simplified with the advent of a new stored value American Express card. The “SuperScrip Card,” will sell in denominations of $25, $50 and $100 to non-profits at a 5% discount per card. Non-profits then can sell cards at face value to their supporters, who can give the card as a gift or use it to purchase items online or in stores at almost 200 brand-name establishments nationwide. The new “SuperScrip Card” program is the brain child of The National Scrip Center, a nonprofit fund-raising organization based in Santa Rosa, California, and American Express Incentive Services. It is the first multi-merchant stored-value card to assist nonprofit organizations raise money. NSC expects to sell 458,000 SuperScrip Cards resulting in $800,000 in charitable contributions the first year. For more information:

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