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Holiday Gift Spending

A recent survey shows that Americans expect to spend nearly 8% less on holiday gifts than they did a year ago ($968 this year, compared with $1,042/a last year). The study also showed that 90% of the consumers surveyed expect to pay off their holiday credit card debt within six months but, last year, only 45% of consumers paid off their holiday credit card within that time frame. The poll conducted by Champion Mortgage also found those people who avoid setting a holiday budget expect to spend $1,105 on average this year. The second biggest spenders during the upcoming holiday season, at $989, are expected to be those people who say they set a budget but generally don’t stick to it. The group that said they would spend the least money during the holiday season ($810 on average) were those who tend to stick to their budgets. One of the most surprising statistics from the survey showed that more than one in three (35%) people anticipate feeling “some regret” about their holiday spending.

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