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Cardholders of the “Bank One/United Airlines Mileage Plus VISA” card and the “Bank of America/U.S. Airways Dividend VISA” card, as well as members of both airlines’ frequent flyer programs, are now eligible to rack up triple miles in both frequent flyer programs. Cardholders and memers will earn the bonus miles when flying the US Airways Shuttle between now and the end of the year. The “double-triple” offer is part of the new alliance between U.S. Airways and United Airlines, announced earlier this month. Members of both programs will earn triple “Mileage Plus” miles and triple “Dividend Miles” on US Airways Shuttle flights between November 20th and December 31st. US Airways offers the only Shuttle service between New York’s La Guardia and Boston and Reagan Washington National airports and also between Boston and Reagan Washington National airports. For complete details, go to

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