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With a fickle economy, what could be more thoughtful this holiday season than to give someone their “credit score.” The company that writes the programs to quantify consumers’ credit worthiness, announced this week it will now offer the option of gifting credit scores to family and friends. Fair, Isaac now permits U.S. consumers to purchase “myFICO” products such as “Score Power” and the “myFICO Credit Advantage” subscription service, as gifts for other consumers. Once a gift purchase is made on Fair, Isaac’s consumer Web site, the company sends a digital gift certificate to each recipient with instructions for redeeming his or her gift. Customers also have the option of printing a paper gift certificate in their choice of themes to present to the recipient directly. The recipient can register on at any time to gain immediate access to the credit information gift. The “Score Power” service carries a $12.95 fee and the “myFICO Credit Advantage” has a $59.95 fee. Both services incorporate consumer credit data from Equifax. For more information visit:

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