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Card Spam

A new survey has found that email messages offering mortgages, loans or credit cards rank as the second most annoying kind of unsolicited email. While many people are annoyed by many different kinds of spam, messages selling pornography (91%), loan products (79%), investments (68%), and real estate (61%) annoy the largest number of people. According to the research of The Harris Poll, fully 80% say that they find spamming very annoying, a huge increase from the 49% who felt this way two and a half years ago. As a result of this hostility, an overwhelming 74% to 12% majority of those online favors making mass spamming illegal. Meanwhile, the British Computer Society released a new report this week that shows UK executives are spending upwards of two hours per day wading through e-mail, which is mostly irrelevant. Respondents to the British survey reported receiving on average 52 e-mails per day while 7% received 100 e-mails per day or more. Managers reported that less than half of e-mails (42%) warranted a response. About 35% were read for information only and nearly a quarter were deleted immediately. On average only 30% of e-mails were classified as essential, 37% as important and 33% as irrelevant and unnecessary.

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