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More Miles – Less Seats?

Bankrupt United Airlines has launched a “More Miles” program offering “United Mileage Plus VISA” cardholders double miles for all purchases at restaurants and home-improvement stores. While struggling airlines shove miles at consumers, trying to redeem them for free seats can still be a challenge. For example, United sets aside a maximum of four free business class seats on many international flights. Unless you waitlist your reservation, find another travel date, or wait till the last minute, you’ll have a hard time finding prime seats to the best locations. Best advice — book free seats as far in advance as possible and be flexible. The new “More Miles” program will offer double miles for all purchases charged on the “Mileage Plus VISA” card at restaurants and home-improvement stores between January 1st and February 28th. The “More Miles” program features a combination of credit card offers, as well as additional opportunities offered exclusively by United’s partners, through which cardholders can earn incremental miles during the year. Monthly credit card statement inserts, featuring a unique “More Miles” logo, make it easy for cardholders to learn about the program and take advantage of each offer to earn miles faster. For more information about the “United Mileage Plus VISA” card go to .

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