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Super Gas Card

Chase has launched a high octane credit card that offers rebates on all gasoline purchases at any gas station, plus a smaller rebate on all other purchases. The new “Chase Freedom Card” offers an automatic 3% rebate on all gasoline purchases, regardless of the brand, and a 1% rebate on all other purchases. For a 90-day introductory period, the new “Chase Freedom” card offers a 6% rebate on all gasoline purchases. The rebate is immediately credited to the next month’s statement and is able to be used toward any future purchases. There are no requirements to accumulate points or use rebates toward gas. There is no annual fee for the first year. The $19 annual fee is waived thereafter if the cardholder makes at least nine purchases in the prior year. The card carries a prime +9.99% APR for most customers, but a prime +11.99% or prime +15.24% rate will be charged to higher risk consumers. The new “Chase Freedom Card” is also an alternative for the “Shell MasterCard” previously issued by Chase. (The “Shell MasterCard” is now issued by Citibank.) For more information on the “Chase Freedom Card” visit “”

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