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Blue Access

Two years after launching a “Code Blue” for its smart credit card, American Express officially launched the first real application for its “Blue” card. The new “ID Keeper” application stores multiple Web sites, online IDs, and passwords. The free application can be obtained by going to a special Web address, inserting the “Blue from American Express” card into the smart card reader, and then downloading the software. “Blue” cardholders can then establish their personal profile of favorite Web sites, IDs, passwords. AmEx introduced the “Blue” card in September 1999, becoming the first major credit card issuer to launch a smart card in the USA. AmEx has tested various smart card applications with “Blue” in the USA including a feature to enable cardholders to pick up tickets through Ticketmaster, receive special discounts at Virgin Music, and download music at Virgin Music. In 2000, AmEx launched a “Code Blue” contest for technology developers to create new “Java Card” technology applications for the “Blue” credit card. A German developer won first place in the “Code Blue” contest for his “Pass Keeper” application. The “Blue” card is also issued in Australia, Austria, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. To download the free ID Keeper application visit: For more information on Blue visit

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