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SmartOne Cards

Another U.S. issuer has jumped on the smart card bandwagon with the introduction of the “smartOne Platinum Edition VISA” card. Like other smart card programs, First National Bank of Omaha is offering applicants a free smart card reader with its new card. The “smartOne” program includes “smart Access” and “VISA smart Space.” The “smart Access” feature allows the cardholder to set a private, 4-digit Passcode which can only be accessed by the chip on the “smartOne VISA.” The Passcode can be used to provide secure access to First National Online. With “VISA smart Space,” cardholders will have access to a special collection of travel packages, promotions and shopping offers. The deals are only available to cardholders that have their smart card reader and reader software installed. First National Bank of Omaha is offering a fixed 1.9% APR for the first 6 billing cycles, followed by an 11.99% APR. The rate is adjusted monthly and is based on the highest one-month London Interbank Offered Rate each month as quoted in the Wall Street Journal. Rates for risky cardholders can be as higher as 23.99%. For more information visit

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