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ATM Confusion

A new study shows a significant number of consumers are still confused about the meaning of signage at ATMs. One out of four survey respondents believed that the lack of a match between at least one brand on their card and on the ATM means that their card would not work, and 20% believed that if a match did exist, no fees would be charged. The study by Analytica for the PULSE EFT network also revealed that some consumers still fear that their ATM cards will be “eaten” if inserted in a machine lacking a brand signage match. PULSE says it is apparent that a large number of card users still do not realize that they can use their ATM and debit cards virtually anywhere, anytime and regardless of the presence or absence of signage on an ATM. In spite of some misconceptions, PULSE notes that the study documents the ever-increasing reliance on the card by travelers. Slightly more than 60% of card users have conducted transactions with their card outside their home state, and almost one in five have used their card outside the country. These percentages are much higher for the more affluent.

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