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Valentine's Giveaway

Americans have a love affair with debit cards and VISA wants consumers to share the juicy tidbits of their “VISA Check Card” experiences with others. Between now and February 21st, VISA is giving away a $25 “VISA Gift Card” to the first 170 cardholders who log onto and tell their story. Believe it or not, VISA, the largest payment card network in the USA, now processes more debit card transactions than credit card transactions each day. In fact, VISA has a 70%+ share of the U.S. debit card market. VISA says it recently conducted a survey of 1,000 “VISA Check Card” users and found that 30% of consumers use their debit card for everyday purchases, while only 13% used checks; 55% of consumers who own a “VISA Check Card” are now paying less with cash; 59% of consumers who own a VISA debit card are now paying less with checks; and, 50% of women and 48% of men who use the “VISA Check Card” say that it helps “keep them honest” as a tool that better helps them manage their checking account balance. For more information visit

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