Consumer Payment Card News #1

Among the nation’s top credit card issuers, Citibank has taken top honors for the third time for its highly interactive and functional Web site for its credit card customers. Among Citibank’s key differentiators: its full array of pre-formatted self-service requests available on its site including the ability for customers to add and remove authorized cardholders, request a credit limit increase or transfer a balance. The #1 rating on Citibank’s Web site was made by the Gomez “2003 Credit Card Scorecard.” Despite Citibank’s dominance, other issuers continue to forge ahead, rolling out new functionality and expanding online product offerings. Discover Card, for example, now supports online applications for five different card products. Fleet and Chase have also added new product applications to their online stables. Gomex says 12 out 19 ranked issuers plan to soon offer paper suppression functionality..

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