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Disney VISA

You can get a real “Mickey Mouse” credit card thanks to a deal struck last year between Disney, Bank One and VISA. This week, the three companies debuted the new “Disney VISA Credit Card from Bank One.” The card’s key feature is its “Disney Dream Reward Dollars” program. Cardholders earn 1% of their purchase volume back in “Disney Dollars,” which can be redeemed with as little as 20 “Disney Dollars.” Rewards can be redeemed toward merchandise, theme park tickets, or hotel rooms at Disney facilities. Cardholders are also entitled to take advantage of upcoming special offers such as three free movies plus a Disney backpack when enrolling in the Disney Movie Club with Disney’s VISA card and a $100 per night discount at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge from April 27th through July 3rd. The card carries no annual fee, and variable APRs, ranging from prime + 6.90% to prime +10.90%. Bank One says nearly 100,000 people have pre-registered for the card after Disney offered its most loyal customers the opportunity to be first-in-line for the new product last month. For more information visit “”:

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