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WWF Coins

Those mean green coin-counting machines in supermarkets across the country can now be used to save endangered species. The World Wildlife Fund has teamed with Coinstar to accept donations through a feature available on most of its 10,000 machines installed at participating supermarkets. After designating WWF as their beneficiary, individuals can simply pour their loose change into the machine, which automatically counts the coins and prints a tax-deductible receipt for the amount of the donation. Coinstar estimates that there is approximately $10.5 billion in change sitting idle in American households, and each home has on average $99 of loose change. Donations made through Coinstar will support WWF’s “Pennies for the Planet” program, designed to educate children about biodiversity — the incredible abundance and variety of life on Earth. Each year, the program focuses on three ecoregions in need of special attention. This year, pennies collected will aid the Atlantic Forest of South America, the Everglades and South Florida, and the Miombo Woodlands of southern Africa. For more information: Consumers can call 1-800-928-CASH or visit to find the nearest Coinstar machine.

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