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ATM Fees

Fees for using an ATM that does not belong to your bank leveled-off last year to an average of $1.36 per transaction. However, it will become easier to find a surcharge-free ATM in the near future. In its annual report to Congress on retail banking fees, the Federal Reserve found that the average ATM surcharge was only up four cents from last year, not significantly different from 2001. The report says 90% of financial institutions now levy ATM surcharges.The report also found that 10% of banks charge an annual fee for ATM services, that averaged $11.65 last year compared to $10.35 in 2001. Only 4% of banks charge a fee to issue an ATM card, which averaged $6.39 in 2002, compared to $4.51 in 2001. Meanwhile, in April, Washington, DC-based ATM National launched the “Allpoint” surcharge-free ATM network. “Allpoint” offers surcharge-free access to more than 23,000 ATMs nationwide and is targeted at credit unions, community banks, Internet banks, brokerage firms, insurance companies, and payroll companies. Ontario, CA-based CO-OP Network also offers access to 16,000 surcharge-free ATMs across the USA for credit union members. Finally, two weeks ago MasterCard announced it will now permit a waiver of ATM surcharges on its 350,000 ATM “Cirrus” network in the USA, thus becoming the first national ATM network to facilitate formation of a national surcharge-free ATM alliance.

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