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Zero Offers

With today’s anticipated interest rate cut, some credit card issuers are already extending their rates beyond a full year. This month, Fleet Bank has unleashed a “Platinum VISA” with a 0% APR on purchases through September 2004. But, Fleet requires cardholders to transfer a balance of at least $100 to trigger the 0% rate for purchases, according to CardWatch ( (The balance transfer APR for the “Fleet Platinum VISA” is currently 8.9%.) Citibank continues to offer at least a 12-month 0% APR on balance transfers. Citibank is also currently offering a 0% balance transfer interest rate good through August 2004. Other top issuers offer at least a six-month 0% intro APR, according to CardWatch.

        0% APR OFFERS - Jun 03
Citibank         Bal Trans      Aug 04
MBNA             Cash & BT      Apr 04
Bank One         Purch & BT     6 months
Discover         Bal Trans      Mar 04
Chase            Bal Trans      Jun 04
Capital One      Purchases      Dec 03
Am Express       Purchases      6 months
Providian        Pur & BT       Jan 04
Household        Bal Trans      Dec 03
Fleet            Purchases      Sep 04
Source: CardWatch (

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