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Pocket Change Card

Those mean green coin counting machines in supermarkets nationwide may soon provide access to a prepaid MasterCard. A pilot has been launched in Houston and Las Vegas whereby consumers deposit coins or cash to a Coinstar machine, receive a printed receipt for the transaction, which includes an account activation number, and then contacts the card provider to activate their MasterCard. Within five to ten business days, customers receive their personalized embossed prepaid “Truth MasterCard,” at a denomination ranging from $20 to $500. The card can also be reloaded with additional funds at any participating Coinstar machine. The pilot is being conducted by Coinstar, Synovus, and Next Estate Communications. Coinstar operates nearly 11,000-networked self-service coin counting machines in supermarkets across the USA.
Columbus Bank & Trust Company, an affiliate of Synovous, will issue the card. Next Estate Communications is the developer of the “Truth MasterCard”. Consumers in Houston and Las Vegas may call 1-800-928-CASH or visit to find the nearest Coinstar machine with the prepaid “Truth MasterCard” service.

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