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Million Mile Giveaway

Cardholders of the “United Mileage Plus VISA” will automatically be entered into the “Million Mile Giveaway” for purchases made between August 16th and September 30th. Bank One and United Airlines have teamed to award a daily prize of 25,000 miles to 50 winners during the contest period. The daily prize of 25,000 is enough for a free round-trip ticket within the continental U.S. or Canada. A total of 1.25 million miles will be awarded as part of the “More Miles” program. As part of the “More Miles” program, cardholders can continue to earn additional miles by upgrading their existing “United Mileage Plus VISA” cards to higher-level cards such as the “Gold Class VISA” card; by referring a friend to apply for the card; or by choosing Sprint for their residential long-distance service. For additional information about the “Million Mile Giveaway” sweepstakes rules and the “More Miles” program, visit To apply for the “United Mileage Plus VISA” card, visit

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