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BanXcard Maestro

A multi-purpose payment card has been introduced for Americans without bank accounts. The new “BanXcard Maestro Card” combines a prepaid debit card, ATM card, and telephone card. Under the program, unbanked consumers simply go to a BanXcard retailer to have their cash or payroll check loaded on the card. The cardholder can then, without delay, use the debit card feature to purchase goods, go to a nearby ATM and obtain needed cash, or make phone calls. The balance of the cardholder’s funds are stored for future withdrawals. BanXcard users are given two cards initially. A second family member can be given one of the cards so that funds can be transferred internationally over the ATM networks. The “BanXcard Maestro Card” is issued by BANKFIRST. “Maestro” is the global PIN-debit payment network of MasterCard International. BanX, Inc. is based in San Francisco. For more information visit

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