Consumer Payment Card News


According to a new survey, the most common reason cited for choosing electronic checking was to avoid late payment fees. Not surprising when you consider the average credit card late fee is more than $30, and that grace period for card payments has shrunk from 30 to 21 days since 1990. The survey, commissioned by payment processor Paymentech, also found that only half of 18-34 year olds pay bills with a paper check and that households with incomes of more than $75K a year are twice as likely to pay bills online. Other key findings: half of households with 6-8 people have used e-checking in the last year; Hispanics are more likely to use e-checking than Caucasians and African Americans; and, 45% of Americans who e-checked four to 10 times in the last year did so to avoid late charges. Electronic checking allows consumers to provide their bank account information to have a bill debited from their account – either on a one-time or recurring basis.

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