Consumer Payment Card News


MasterCard International has launched a miniature card to compete with the likes of the “Discover 2GO” and the Bank of America “Mini VISA.” However, unlike its rivals, the new “MasterCard SideCard” is capable of using contactless chip technology. The card was launched in the Asia-Pacific region last week. The “MasterCard SideCard” flips out from its ergonomic plastic casing, and it can be swiped through any point-of-sale terminal. MasterCard says the product is available to all of its members worldwide. The network has also filed for patents to cover the card’s design. The “Discover 2GO” card, issued in the USA and is patent-pending, is not smart card or contactless card ready. Also, the U.S.-issued Bank of America “Mini VISA” card is not smart card ready but is patent-pending.

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