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Debit Hologram

Identifying a debit card from a credit card will get easier next year for U.S. merchants, as MasterCard adds a new hologram to its debit card. Under the requirements of the recent Wal-Mart debit card lawsuit settlement to make its debit cards “clear and conspicuous,” MasterCard this week unveiled a new debit card identifier. The updated card standards require MasterCard debit issuers in the USA to utilize a new hologram which features the word “Debit” within the MasterCard identification area. The requirements apply to U.S. issued MasterCard-branded consumer signature debit, stored-value, electronic benefits transfer, prepaid and payroll cards. MasterCard debit issuers and card manufacturers are required to adopt and implement the new hologram design-standard beginning January 1, 2004, and may do so sooner if they choose. Based on the settlement, debit card issuers are required to have 80% of their cards re-issued with a new “Debit” identifier by July 1, 2005, 100% by January 1, 2007. The hologram design was developed in partnership with American Bank Note Holographics, MasterCard’s current global hologram supplier.

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