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Do Not Call Today?

It’s possible you may hear your phone ring a little less starting today, but don’t hold your breath. Today was supposed to be the first day that the new, national “Do Not Call Registry” becomes enforceable, but that is not clear. The Federal Trade Commission is in the process of shutting down its role in the registry after it was ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge. Access to the FTC list has been cut-off and consumers will be unable to register phone numbers by the end of this week. However, the Federal Communications Commission maintains it has control of the list and will enforce it, despite recent rulings by federal judges. The FCC admits it is not prepared to handle complaints as well as the FTC, but will work though it. Last week, Congress passed legislation, and the President signed it, giving the FTC the authority to establish the registry after a federal judge ruled the FTC did not have the authority. Shortly thereafter, another federal judge ruled the was unconstitutional. The FTC has since filed an appeal and a motion for an emergency stay of the portion of the court’s order that enjoins the FTC. It appears that many telemarketing firms will honor the registry anyway, to be safe.

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