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Hilary VISA

Lizzie McGuire, Kelly Collins, known in real life as Hilary Duff, has launched a line of “VISA Gift Cards.” The teenage actress and recording artist is targeting American teenagers for the one-time use, prepaid card. The first card designed features Hilary afloat in the swimming pool. Other “Hilary” card images will be rolled out next year. The card is available in $25, $50, $75, and $100 denominations. It is being sold through a special “Hilary” Web site. Transaction fee are $4.50 for the $25 card; $5.00 for the $50 card; $5.49 for the $75 card; and $6.00 for the $100 card. There is also a $2.50 shipping and handling fee. A $15 fee is charged for a refund of the account balance. The card is issued by Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company. For more information

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