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eBay MasterCard

In an usual move, eBay has teamed with two banks to issue its new rewards MasterCard to as many customers as possible. MBNA will issue the new card to consumers with solid credit scores, while Providian will issue the new card to consumers with iffy credit scores. However, if your credit score is below 600, forget it. The new “eBay Anything Points MasterCard” will offer cardholders points on all purchases. Each point will have an eBay currency value of $0.01. The eBay currency can be spent on virtually anything for sale on the eBay site. Cardholders must be enrolled in the “Anything Points” program to begin spending points earned from the MasterCard. Members’ points are accumulated in their PayPal accounts. The points can then be used to purchase items from any eBay seller accepting PayPal for payment. In addition, the points can be applied towards eBay selling fees. Sellers will also be able to award points to their buyers on eBay. Participating companies of the “Anything Points” program can give points as rewards for purchases, incentives for new customer sign-ups, or in exchange for points accrued in their own loyalty programs. For more information visit:

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