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Duetto VISA

Multi-functional credit cards have finally become a reality in the USA. This weekend, a new VISA card was launched by Starbucks and Bank One that combines a re-loadable stored value card with a general purpose credit card. The new “Starbucks Card Duetto VISA” offers cardholders the ability to earn one percent back in “Duetto Dollars” that are automatically loaded on their “Starbucks Card Account” after each billing cycle. “Duetto Dollars can then be used to purchase Starbucks items including beverages, food and store merchandise. Cardholders also receive a one-time pre-load of $10 to their “Starbucks Card Account” after their first “Duetto Card VISA” purchase. Additionally, cardholders earn three percent in “Duetto Dollars” with each automatic reload of the “Starbucks Card Account” using the “VISA Account” of the “Duetto Card.” The auto-reload feature allows cardholders to automatically load cash value from their “VISA Account” to their “Starbucks Card Account” whenever they like. Starbucks is also offering quarterly opportunities based on usage of the “Starbucks Card Account.” Starbucks will also contribute $5 to the Starbucks Foundation after each cardholder’s first “Duetto Card VISA” purchase. From October 13 through December 31, 2003, Jumpstart will be the recipient of the “Duetto” donation from the Starbucks Foundation. For more information visit:

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