Consumer Payment Card News


Bank One and the AARP have jazzed-up their co-branded VISA card with a rewards program that offers cash back or gift certificates. The new and improved “AARP Rewards Platinum VISA” gives cardholders a full 1% back on card purchases starting with the first dollar in purchases charged. Every time cardholders accumulate 2,500 points, they may select their desired reward, either $25 cash back or a $25 gift certificate to one of several merchants including gas stations, restaurants, major travel and entertainment providers and other retailers. Participating companies include Exxon, Red Lobster, Blockbuster, Chili’s, Olive Garden, Best Buy, Home Depot, Borders, Sunoco, Best Western, JCPenney, and Hertz. The no-annual-fee card offers a 0% fixed APR for the first 12 billing cycles following the opening of the account. Thereafter, a prime +6.99%, prime +8.99%, or prime +12.99%, depending on the cardholder’s credit score. The companies are also guaranteeing cardholders there will be no telemarketing after they sign-up. The AARP has more than 35 million members and has been a partner with Bank One for 13 years. For more information visit:

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