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Peter Pan Card

Movie-themed gift cards are invading the American market, as the “Peter Pan Gift Card” is set to launch next month in conjunction with the upcoming Christmas Day release of Universal’s Peter Pan movie. Cinemark Theatres is making the limited edition gift card available from November 3rd onward. It is the first major motion picture exhibitor to offer gift cards for purchase over the Internet. Cinemark says the “Peter Pan” gift card is the first in a series of movie-themed gift cards. Cinemark gift cards allow patrons to place any value they wish onto a stored value card for redemption towards ticket and concession purchases at participating Cinemark Theatre locations. The gift card may be purchased online, using any major credit card. After a Cinemark gift card is purchased, it may be registered at, allowing the gift card account to be managed (including viewing the card activity and reloading it with additional value). Also, should the card be lost or stolen, because the card is registered, Cinemark can reissue a new gift card without the cardholder loosing the value of the lost or stolen card. Other features of the card include no expiration date on the value of the card and, for a limited time, movie tickets purchased at do not incur a service fee when a Cinemark gift card is used for payment. Cinemark USA operates 281 theatres and 3,052 screens currently in 33 states, and internationally. For more information:

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