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Office Depot VISA

The Office Depot card is being re-launched with a cash-back rewards program. Rolled-out two years ago, the “Office Depot VISA Platinum Business Card from Chase” will now offer cardholders a 2% cash rebate for all Office Depot purchases and a 1% cash rebate for all other purchases. For the first two months after the account is opened, or after converting to the new card, cardholders will receive a 2% cash rebate on all purchases. Business owners will automatically receive a cash rebate check from Chase when they reach a minimum of $25.00 in rewards. There is no limit on how many dollars can be earned in a year. The card carries an introductory 0% APR for the first nine months on balance transfers and purchases, with charges based on the Prime Rate plus 6.99% thereafter. There is no annual fee. When first launched in December 2001, the card offered a rewards program based on points. Cardholders earned 2 points for every dollar spent at Office Depot and 1 point for every dollar spent elsewhere. Points were redeemed for free or discounted products and services including Office Depot merchandise and gift certificates, hotel accommodations, car rentals and airline tickets. For more information on the new and improved “Office Depot VISA Platinum Business Card from Chase” visit

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