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Fiscal Fitness Month

Hundreds of student teams are competing this month to help Americans in their local communities to fight the credit binge and achieve financial independence. The effort is being led by the non-profit Students In Free Enterprise which has deemed November to be “National Fiscal Fitness Month.” SIFE, founded in 1975, is active on more than 1,500 college and university campuses worldwide. “SIFE Team” members teach entrepreneurship, market economics, business ethics and financial success skills to people of all ages in their communities. During “SIFE National Fiscal Fitness Month,” teams will devote extra effort into projects that teach others personal, entrepreneurial, communications, technological and financial management skills needed to successfully compete. For example, a Florida “SIFE Team” teaches high school and college students the importance of smart spending with credit cards, how to avoid excessive debt and how to build a good credit history. In Arizona, SIFE students run a credit counseling center called “Credit Wise Cats,” designed to help fellow students reduce debt, increase savings and create budgets. In Rhode Island, a “SIFE Team” created informational brochures to help fellow college students understand credit. For more information visit

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