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Bankruptcy Mistake

Filing personal bankruptcy may give you a way out of an uncomfortable situation and possibly a clean start, but it could shut you out of the credit market for as long as ten years. Furthermore, it can have a long-term negative impact on your ability to find a job, get insurance, rent a place to live, rent a car, or obtain other services. This week, the nation’s second largest issuer of sub-prime bank credit cards has teamed with a San Francisco-based non-profit consumer advocacy group to warn consumers about the implications of filing personal bankruptcy. Capital One and Consumer Action have developed a guide, “Your Right to a Financial Fresh Start”, that discusses the legal process and implications of filing bankruptcy. Consumer Action says the guide provides a checklist of questions consumers should be asking themselves before they consider declaring bankruptcy. Capital One says the pamphlet is designed to guide consumers through the complexities and help them fully understand — and hopefully avoid — the serious measure of filing bankruptcy. Consumers can get a free copy of “Your Right to a Financial Fresh Start” in English by visiting In addition to English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean or Vietnamese versions are also available by sending a self-addressed legal-size envelope with $0.60 postage to: CONSUMER ACTION BANKRUPTCY, 717 MARKET ST., SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94103.

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