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Catholic VISA

The separation between Church and Cards has all but disappeared with the nationwide launch of the “We Share VISA” card. The Milwaukee-based Catholic Knights group has teamed with M&I Bank to offer the card which returns 1% of all purchase totals to the Catholic parish or Catholic school of the cardholder’s choice. The non-profit organization also receives a $10 per card sign-up bonus from M&I Bank if the card is used within the first 30 days. Catholic Knights says charitable giving is down which has deeply affected Catholic parishes and schools. The card is available in four different designs, including one that features a church steeple and another that features the Catholic Knights logo. Several parishes in the Midwest took part in a pilot program, offering the card to parishioners for the past year. Catholic Knights is the second largest Catholic membership organization in the USA with more than 70,000 members. Each year, Catholic Knights members raise $1.5 million to support parishes, schools and communities. For more information on this new card visit:

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