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New Year's Resolutions

A new survey shows that eight out of ten consumers expect to have less debt this year. Of those surveyed, 72% plan to limit credit card usage while 40% expect to limit ATM visits during 2004. The survey, conducted by CoolSavings, also found that 57% expect to put more money away in savings in the new year. According to the survey, strategies for saving more are varied: consumers will track spending manually or with a computer program (44%), sign up for direct deposit to savings account (39%), contribute to tax free account through payroll deduction (37%) and still many will keep cash in a savings/checking account (36%). Of those surveyed, nearly two-thirds said they review their financial situation on a monthly basis and when asked the best ways to spend less, consumers indicated the following: — Use coupons (88%) — Shop at discount stores (82%) — Limit credit card usage (72%) — Buy groceries in bulk at wholesale clubs (45%) — Limit ATM visits (40%). The survey was conducted between December 12th and 16th, and included 1,328 unique responders.

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