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Debt or Diet?

More Americans would rather get fiscally fit then physically fit this year. A recent survey on New Year’s resolutions reveals that 28% of consumers want to get out of debt while 27% say losing weight and exercising is their top goal of 2004. This is the first in at least three years that more Americans have placed debt reduction above weight reduction, according to the Cambridge Consumer Credit Index. The survey also found that 15% want to get a more secure or better job, 13% want to improve their personal relationships, and 7% plan to reduce their drinking and smoking. In conjunction with the Index, the Cambridge Credit Counseling also released the results of a monthly survey of people who have called in for credit counseling services. Over the past month, 33% said they are frustrated with high bank rates and fees, 7% said got into too much debt by overspending, and 8% said their lack of financial education caused them to take on too much debt.

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