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Go Miles Card

The “No Hassle” credit card issuer has introduced a new airline travel credit card that reimburses you for buying a plane ticket on the cheap. The new “Go Miles VISA or MasterCard” from Capital One enables cardholders to shop for the lowest fares and most convenient itineraries, charge the ticket to the card, and then receive a cash credit for the ticket based on previously earned miles. Capital One says the new program takes the hassle out of free travel since it does not use set mileage plateaus. Less expensive tickets require fewer miles to be redeemed. Free tickets can be earned with as few as 9,000 miles. To receive a $100 credit, 9,000 miles are required; 15,300 miles for a $170 credit, and, 19,800 miles for a $220 credit. The “Go Miles” card carries a $19 annual membership fee and interest rates that start at 9.9%. Cardholders can earn up to 5,000 bonus miles for transferring balances.For more information visit:

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