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Authenticated E-Transactions

More than half of online consumers indicate they have used some sort of transaction verification service when making a credit card purchase on the Internet. However, 23% don’t have a clue about this relatively new option for conducting safer transactions on the Internet. According to a recent homepage poll of 1,011 unique consumers , 53% of participants said they have used one of the more popular transaction verification services. About one-fourth said they know about the option, but have not used any of the services. Of those using credit card authentication services, 30% have used “Verified by VISA” and 13% have used MasterCard’s “SecureCode” service. About 10% have used other services such as MBNA’s “ShopSafe” service. With “Verified by Visa” and MasterCard’s “SecureCode” consumers simply enter a password when shopping online, which is similar to entering a PIN# at the ATM. The password is obtained by registering on the card issuers’ Web site. For more information visit and

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