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Tax Miles

Using your credit card to pay personal income taxes was a toss-up for many consumers due to processing fees, but not any longer. Between March 1st and April 30th, Bank One will be awarding double miles to cardholders using their “United Mileage Plus VISA” to pay federal and state income taxes. This means if you owe $12,500 in taxes and charge it to the “United Airlines VISA” card you’ll earn enough miles for a free domestic round-trip ticket. The convenience fee charged for the transaction is $311 and the free ticket is worth about $600. Not bad. Furthermore, first-time clients of H&R Block who use their “United Mileage Plus VISA” card to pay for this service at an H&R Block retail office will receive 1,000 bonus miles. Existing retail office clients and those who use H&R Block online tax products will receive 250 bonus miles. Bank One says the new incentives are part of its ongoing “More Miles” program. To pay taxes with the “United Mileage Plus VISA” card, visit or call 800-2PAY-TAX. To apply for the “United Mileage Plus VISA” card, visit “”: . For complete details on the H&R offer, visit “”: .

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